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Summa Wincut 2.1 [Updated]




NET framework. The program does not include a printer driver. Summa Cutter Tools works in Windows 7. It was designed and developed by Summa Cutter, Inc. Summa Cutter Tools includes the following components: CutterStrip - Download CutterStrip for the application and works with the application as a printer. SummaGraphic - A utility to convert TIFF and JPEG files to the PNG format. MSDN Exporter - An OLE automation object to export documentation from Microsoft Visual Studio. Graphing Data - A graphing tool that allows you to connect and analyze the results of numerical and date data. Summa Station - A printer driver for Summa Cutters References External links Official Website Category:Office suitesThe present invention relates to a liquid crystal display device and a method of manufacturing the same, and more particularly, to a thin film transistor array substrate having a color filter having a color filter layer including fine black matrix portions formed at its boundary with the pixel electrode and liquid crystal filling portions, and a method of manufacturing the same. Generally, a liquid crystal display device is an information display device using optical anisotropy and polarization properties of liquid crystal molecules, and it is classified into a vertical electric field type and a horizontal electric field type according to the direction of the electric field driving the liquid crystal molecules. In the liquid crystal display device of a vertical electric field type, a vertical alignment film is formed on the inner surface of each of a pair of transparent substrates. A liquid crystal is filled between the vertical alignment films in a liquid crystal cell, and an upper transparent electrode and a lower transparent electrode, which apply a vertical electric field to the liquid crystal layer, are formed on the vertical alignment films. A method of manufacturing a liquid crystal display device of a vertical electric field type will be described below with reference to FIGS. 1A to 1D. As shown in FIG. 1A, a black matrix 51 is formed on a transparent substrate 50 made of glass or the like. After that, a color filter layer (not shown) is formed on the transparent substrate 50, and a transparent electrode (ITO) 52, which transmits light, is formed on the color filter layer. Next, a first alignment film 53 is formed on the transparent electrode 52 by coating. As shown in FIG. 1B, a first rubbing process is carried out on the first alignment film 53 to form a first rubbing direction. Next,



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Summa Wincut 2.1 [Updated]

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