David Ryan Barcega Castro-Harris (all five names for the ancestors) is the son of Bien & DP, grandson of Ruth & Yolando and Ruth & Jesse. As the Founder of Amplify RJ, he is building a digital platform to share the philosophy, practices, and values of Restorative Justice.


Now living in “Los Angelish” with his wife Wendy, he leans on the training from his elders and his experiences doing Restorative Justice work in Chicago schools, community, and criminal legal settings to share knowledge and create experiences that help folks across the world understand Restorative Justice as a relationship centered-way of being, not merely a program for addressing harm. Outside of RJ, he’s always down to talk NBA basketball, gourmet doughnuts, or explore the fundamental nature of reality.


Director of Community Learning

Sasha Naomi Guzman de Castro (they/them), or Omi, is the child of Joseph Manuel Castro Sr. y Rosalva Guzman-Dunman, grandchild of Amelia Olivera y Jose Castro and Antonia y Antonio Guzman.  Omi is cultivating the ARJ community to reflect and uphold the philosophy, practices, and values of Restorative Justice.


Living on what was formerly known as Pottawattamie, Ojibwe, and Odawa lands (now known as Chicago) with their partners Bryce y Tatiana, Omi constantly seeks to know what it means and feels like to be whole with oneself and community. They hope to create change through heart-to-heart dialogue based on vulnerability, transparency, and radical listening y question-asking with the person right in front of them. Their training, mentoring, and engagement within their Buddhist family is what sustains Omi's passion and drive for building community and creating unity. At any juncture, Omi loves to dance like everyone's watching, sing like no one's listening, and hug like there's no tomorrow.



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